Amikoonse (Little Beaver)

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The story of Amikoonse, the little beaver, who discovers a world beyond that he has always known.


Amikoonse, the little beaver, had always lived with the boy. They were great friends. They went everywhere together, and Amikoonse had never known any other way of life. Then one day, while Grandfather is telling stories, an open front door presents an opportunity that he could not resist, and Amikoonse runs. Soon, Amikoonse finds himself lost in a world far different than the one he had known. After a while, he comes to his own place of belonging. Much of the deep meaning of this story is carried in the powerful illustrations.


Author: Ferguson Plain (Ojibwe)

Illustrations: Black & white illustrations by Ferguson Plain

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 1993

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Ojibwe