Being on the Moon

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A poignant collection of poems on topics from ceremony to sex to religion. The moon calendar is a consistent theme, as is womanhood.

Marie Annharte Baker is bold and tough: eager to entertain, shock, or give insight, and doughty enough to address taboo or “impolite” topics.

Being on the Moon is a poignant collection of poems ranging on topics from ceremony to family life, sex to religion. Her admiration of the moon calendar is a consistent theme, as is womanhood. Baker punctuates this collection with varying cycles of the moon; each named to reflect the mood, like Hooker Moon, Cheeky Moon and Lacey Moon.

Readers will laugh reading poems like “Boob Stretch,” which is about exactly that, ruminate on “College Indian Trouble,” and be moved reading “His Kitchen.” The latter is about growing up with a single dad, in which she writes:  “Hard to forget he’s both mother and father.”

But, she also dives into Indian identity, tradition and contemporary struggles. In “Cheeky Moon,” she writes: “I’m left to defend / one lonely drop of blood. / I might terminate / if I get nosebleed. / The degree never counts / unless you practice law. / I need the law of the land / to respect my blood.”

Being on the Moon delights with its rhythms, double entendres and potent language. Just as the moon changes, just as moods change, Baker takes the reader on a tumultuous ride through her humorous, angry or entertaining political commentaries.

Marie Annharte Baker is an Anishinabe poet, essayist, teacher and activist. Born in 1942 to Saulteaux and Irish parents and raised in Winnipeg, her poetry combines the rich heritage of Native traditions with the harsh reality of life on the street. Being on the Moon was her first book.


Author: Marie Annharte Baker

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 1990

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Anishinabe