Navajo Women: Sáanii

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A snapshot of women living the iiná, or life as it is said in Navajo. 


This book is a snapshot of women living the iiná, or life as it is said in Navajo. Reid writes that the life cycle is divided in four cardinal directions, each representing a life stage with certain expectations. The book is divided accordingly into East: Childhood; South: Young Adult; Doorway: Between Traditional & Modern Life; West: Adulthood; North: Elders.

Reid tells the stories of contemporary Navajo women, sáani in chapters of compelling portraits and stunning photographs. These vibrant portraits detail the lives of Navajo women living contemporary American lives, living by the Navajo philosophy, and blending the two. They address intimate details of their lives: the intense aroma of cooking blood sausage that drives children out of the house, leaving the Navjo Nation for modern conveniences like electricity and running water rather than a concrete floor, language learning and language death. The book is a close look into the Navajo Nation, made accessible through the captivating narratives of incredible women.

Navajo Women Sáani also details twenty noteworthy Navajo women and facts and figures about the Navajo Nation.




Author: Betty Reid

Illustrations: Color photos by Kenji Kawano

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2007

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Navajo