Desert Breeze

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Alex Maldonado (Pascua Yaqui) is a prestigious Native American flute player.

Alex Maldonado is a tribal member of the Pascua Yaqui Nation, now living in Mesa, Arizona. He is a prestigious Native American Flute Player whose performances have captivated audiences throughout the country.   He has received nominations in the Native American Music Awards for two of his three recordings.  Alex is also an award winning Native American flute maker and has been making and playing the flute since 1991.

CD Tracks:
1. Distant Lands
2. The Story Teller
3. Play Me a Song
4. Coyotes Dance
5. Desert Breeze
6. Grandfather's Song
7. A Little Ray of Sunshine
8. Enchanted Ones
9. Hummingbirds Flight
10. The Song of the Flute
11. Pascola's Dance
12. A Summer's Dance

Artist: Alex Maldonado (Pascua Yaqui)
Format: Audio CD
Label: Natural Visions Records
Published: 1997
Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Pascua Yaqui