Mino-Bimadiziwin: The Good Life

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On the White Earth Reservation, a couple in their late sixties continue to harvest wild rice by canoe the traditional way.


Wild rice—mahnomin in the Ojibwe language—is one of the many things that Nanabozho gave to the Ojibwe people in order to have a good life. Both an economic and a spiritual mainstay for Indian people in Minnesota, wild ricing has become a symbol of being Ojibwe. Filmed on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, Mino-Bimadiziwin focuses on Dorothy and Darwin Stevens, a couple in their late sixties, who continue to harvest wild rice by canoe with traditional wooden rice knockers. Rice Lake, the Stevens’ community, is the site of White Earth’s oldest and most flourishing rice camps. This beautifully filmed documentary is an in-depth and intimate portrait of a community whose people continue to live off the land, who continue the good life. 



Director: Maureen Gosling

Format: DVD, color, 60 minutes.

Published: 1998

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Ojibwe