Lessons from Turtle Island: Native Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms

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Two long-time educators lead the way to putting together appropriate class curriculum.



There are many so-called “multicultural” resource books on the market, and many classroom activity books targeting Native Americans. Most are garbage. Here, two long-time educators examine the problems, present clear alternatives, and encourage teachers to include appropriate materials and strategies in countering deeply held stereotypes about Native peoples.


Focusing on five cross-cultural themes—children, homes, families, community and environment—the authors discuss cultural similarities and differences, and discuss appropriate and inappropriate children’s literature and activities. For each recommended literature selection they suggest activities in the areas of dramatic play, art, music and cooking, as well as literacy, math, and social studies. Finally, they include guidelines for selecting class guests, literature, materials and toys; a bibliography and discussion of recommended and not-recommended books and materials; and an excellent resource list.



Authors: Jones, Guy W. (Hunkpapa Lakota), and Sally Moomaw

Illustrations: Black and white illustrations

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2002

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Various U.S. tribes