Navajo Long Walk: The Tragic Story of a Proud People’s Forced March from their Homeland

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This is a beautiful book about an unspeakable tragedy.



There is no word in English that describes the Diné word, hozho. Some say “beauty,” some say “harmony” or “balance,” but it is much more than all of those words. Hozho is and always has been the guiding force of the people of Dinétah, and it is this thing that was almost completely destroyed—along with homes, crops, orchards, and animals—by what became known as the Long Walk. Joe Bruchac’s text tells the story of Kit Carson’s army raid and the forced march from Canyon de Chelly to the desolate reservation known as Bosque Redondo. But it is Shonto Begay’s luminous paintings—and his captions—that speak the heart of the Dinè people and inform the reader as words alone never could. This is a beautiful book about an unspeakable tragedy.




Author: Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki) and Shonto Begay (Dinè)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by Shonto Begay (Dinè)

Binding Availability: Hardcover

Published: 2001

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Navajo