Chicora and The Little People: The Legend of the Indian Corn, A Lumbee Tale

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A young Lumbee girl tells the story of how Indian corn became multicolored.

The tale of Chicora and the Little People begins long ago in the time known as the Moon of the Turning Leaves. Chicora, a young Lumbee girl, is awakened from her sleep by gruff giggling and little hands reaching through the flap of her home lodge. She attempts to tell the villagers of the appearance of the little people and the new corn. How can Chicora convince her tribe of the truth? Watercolor paintings wonderfully complete the telling of this Lumbee legend of trust and courage.

Arvis Boughman is a member of the Lumbee tribe and was born in Robeson County in 1964. He received a B. S. in Elementary Education and a M. A. in Communication Disorders from Appala-chian State University. Having co-authored Herbal Remedies of the Lumbee Indians (McFarland) in 2003 with Loretta Oxendine Arvis currently works as a speech/language pathologist in his home state of North Carolina.



Author: Arvis Boughman (Lumbee)

Illustrations: Color illustrations by DeLora Cummings

Binding Availability: Paperback NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Published: 2011

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Lumbee