Ghost Singer

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A mystery/thriller that begins with an 1830 kidnapping and slave raid into Navajo country, and spreads across the U.S. over a century and a half.


Ghost Singer is a mystery/thriller novel from Anna Lee Walters that begins in the context of an 1830 kidnapping and slave raid into Navajo country and spreads across the United States and over a century and a half of time.
(from the cover): Human ears, strung like beads on a cord; scalps with hair and ears still intact; infant bones in a medicine budle; corpses, whole in a cardboard box. These “artifacts” in an obscure corner of the Smithsonian cause indian ghosts to haunt, torment and murder researchers—even as they themselves are tormented by the items in the museau’s collections. Only the sacred rituals of Indian medicine men can make it safe to be around these dangerous “artifacts.”


Author: Anna Lee Walters

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 1988

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Navajo, Otoe, Pawnee