Iroquois Stories

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Six traditional Iroquois stories.



These six traditional Iroquois stories, inslude: “Creation,” “How Buzzard Got His Feathers,” “Turtle’s Race with Bear,” “Raccoon and Crayfish,” “The Wife of the Thunderer,” and the very scary “The Brave Woman and the Flying Head.”


In the two stories about women, Joe Bruchac clearly demonstrates the significant and respected place that women have in Haudenosaunee society.  He has a wonderful voice for stories, and knows exactly how to use it—just the right pacing, this perfectly timed pause, that lowering of pitch. And he makes a great Bear.




Artist: Joeseph Bruchac (Abenaki)

Format: Audio CD, 47 minutes

Label: Good Mind Records

Published: 1988

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Abenaki