It Will Live Forever: Traditional Yosemite Indian Acorn Preparation

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Parker describes how acorns are processed, every step of the way.



In this intimate book, which grew out of the long friendship between Julia Parker and Bev Ortiz, Parker describes how acorns are gathered, dried, stored, cracked, pounded, winnowed, sifted, leached, cooked, and eaten. It’s a process “laden with subtleties,” Ortiz writes, and it “requires strict attention to detail.” There is detail here, and stories, history, lessons and a recipe. There are beautiful black-and-white photos, both older ones of family and teachers, and contemporary ones of Julia demonstrating the art of making acorn. It Will Live Forever is an honoring for the elders, who, as Ortiz writes, “are the best and true teachers, and the best way of learning is to sit with them for the long mornings, long afternoons, and long evenings that have been the joy of my life.”


Authors: Bev Ortiz as told by Julia Parker (Miwok/Paiute)

Illustrations: Black and white photos

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 1991

Tribes/Ethnic Groups: Miwok, Paiute