Away from Home: American Indian Boarding School Expereinces, 1879 - 2000

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Dedicated to the tens of thousands of Native children who were taken from their homes to attend Indian boarding schools.


“Beginning in 1879, tens of thousands of Native (children) left or were taken from their tribal homes to attend Indian boarding schools, often long distances away. Some struggled bitterly. Some suffered in silence. Some succumbed to tuberculosis or influenza and lost their lives. Others flourished and built a new sense of self within a wider world, while preserving Indianness in their hearts. This book is dedicated to them all.” This beautiful book—a gathering of many voices—ought to be required reading for all teachers of American history, and for all students whose textbooks fail to discuss this shameful part of the U.S. war against the Indian peoples.


Editors: Margaret L. Archuleta (Pueblo), Brenda J. Child (Ojibwe), and K. Tsianina Lomawaima (Hopi)

Illustrations: Black & white and color photos

Binding Availability: Paperback

Published: 2000