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Smoke Signals (Screenplay)

Alexie’s screenplay, based on a short story from The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, later made into the award-winning feature film of the same title (also available from Oyate).

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Speaking for the Generations: Native Writers on Writing

The essays in this excellent anthology speak for the sake of the land and the people, and for the generations - those before, those here, and those yet to come.

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Spirit & Reason: The Vine Deloria, Jr. Reader

The essays in this “Vine Deloria, Jr., reader” include pieces from his most remembered books, some of his lesser-known articles, and ten new pieces.

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Spirit of the White Bison

A heart-breaking, beautifully written short novel about the decimation of the buffalo at the hands of colonizers in North America.

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Sustainable Tribal Economies: A Guide to Restoring Energy and Food Sovereignty in Native America

Explores food and energy issues in tribal communities and provides examples of tribal innovation to create sustainable energy and food economies.

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Testimony: Death of a Guatemalan Village

Victor Montejo is a poet, a storyteller, a human rights activist and an anthropologist, studying in depth his own people. 

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Thanksgiving: A Native Perspective

This sourcebook of essays, speeches, stories and activities will help teachers and students think critically about what has been, and continues to be, taught as the “first Thanksgiving."

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