Community Wisdom Keepers

$13.00 each

My People the Sioux

Published in 1928, Luther Standing Bear’s autobiographical account of his tribe has been hailed by many.

$7.50 each

Northwest Indigenous Gold Rush History: The Indian Survivors of California’s Holocaust

From an Indian perspective, the "Gold Rush" was a time of invasion, famine, murder, massacre.

$15.00 each

Over a Century of Moving to the Drum: Salish Indian Celebrations on the Flathead Indian Reservation

A Salish teacher and spiritual advisor shares what the elders taught him about the early Salish Indian celebrations.

$19.00 each

Plenty-Coups: Chief of the Crows

A classic account of the nomadic, spiritual and warring life of Crow Indians before they were forced onto reservations.

$50.00 each

Pomo Basketweavers: A Tribute to Three Elders

An in-depth introduction to the history, culture and basketweaving traditions of Pomo women.

$15.00 each

Pretty-Shield: Medicine Woman of the Crows

Pretty-shield, the legendary medicine woman, remembered what life was like on the Plains when the buffalo were still plentiful.

$25.00 each

Rachel’s Children: Stories from a Contemporary Native American Woman

An engaging and humorous true story of a contemporary Ojibwa woman and her children.

$17.00 each

Selu: Seeking the Corn Mother’s Wisdom

Rooted in the old stories of Selu, the Cherokee Corn Mother, Awiakta suggests ways that ancient wisdoms apply to contemporary issues.

$20.00 each

A Skirt Full of Butterflies

In Zapotec and Spanish with English subtitles, five Zapotec women tell what it is like to live in a place where women run the economy, and where there is respect for “women’s work.”

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